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Madcap Logic, LLC

Madcap Logic LLC is an award winning content and product development studio with superb creative, technical and production capabilities. 

Founded in 2003 by former animators from The Walt Disney Company, our talented artists and expert production team create software and related products that have a unique blend of animation, storytelling and interactive activities. Madcap Logic develops fun, innovative educational products that help kids achieve a new understanding of the visual world around them.

What truly sets us apart is our many years of research. We have collaborated with some of the finest educators in the country including The Institute for Learning Innovation, Sandbox Studios and The Humergence Group. In all of our products we focus on empowering kids’ inner creativity, imagination and critical thinking skills. Humorous characters help kids connect emotionally so complex concepts become fun to learn and easy to understand.

We are based in Durango, Colorado, an ideal environment where the air is clean and the local arts community is vibrant. Our corporate culture is synonymous with our name - zany and playful but with a distinct purpose. We invite you to experience our products through educational resources, schools and retail outlets. We hope you look to Madcap Logic as the premier creator of products that inspire kids to learn and become better prepared for life.

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