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TAOC: The Art of Conversation

TAOC® The Art of Conversation Creates Games that Teach Communication Excellence for Successful Living and Learning.
This creative and successful independent publishing company began in Australia and it's titles are now distributed internationally. TAOC® is distributed in the USA through Publisher Services Inc., Norcross, GA.

TAOC® is passionate about the myriad benefits of developing effective communication.

Teaching children to communicate, learn more about themselves and others, empathize, think independently and enjoy rich, strong and beneficial relationships for life is surely the most valuable and fundamental education we can provide!

TAOC® resources are fun and simple to use. The resulting benefits positively contribute to life-long living and learning. Each TAOC® title has been carefully researched and developed by Keith and Louise, along with other education and health professionals. TAOC® is thoroughly trialed and tested by core representative groups prior to publication, so we know it works!!

We are proud that TAOC® is now being incorporated into many and varied education and health programs world-wide as well as being played in hundreds of thousands of homes every day!

Louise Howland  
Louise is an Australian who has traveled widely and worked in many fields, including as a psychiatric nurse and teacher. Amongst her loves are nature, books, writing, music, art and travel. She is currently undertaking a Master’s Degree researching children’s communication and integrated education.

Keith Lamb
Keith migrated from England to Australia in 1970 and formed the successful, multi-cultural glam-rock band Hush. As lead singer and co-writer for much of Hush’s material, he led the band to great national success. After Hush, Keith produced many successful albums for other artists, and wrote songs for other performers, e.g.  Status Quo. He is a creator, an artist and an extraordinary communicator.
TAOC® is suitable for all ages.

The only knowledge needed to successfully contribute to TAOC® is your own life experiences, interests and ideas.

TAOC® may be used hundreds of times with continuing interest and pleasure.

For all ages, adult and children (may be played at various levels).

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