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The Original Toy Company

Welcome to The Original Toy Company website. Where our products are developed to stimulate and educate children, along with providing great educational play value. We have been know previous as Galt America distributors of Galt Toys. Our new company The Original Toy Company strives to bring distinctive products to the American market. The Original Toy Company’s founders (Kevin and Susan McGrath) have been recognized around the world for their commitment to craftsmanship, quality and design. The McGrath’s built and established The Original Toy Company to offer consumers and retailers within the United States a very unique and diverse educational specialty toy line. The McGrath’s strongly believe in traditional toys that not only offer unique play value but also will stimulate the early stages of our children’s lives.

Learning Through Play is not only fun, but also fundamental

Play helps a child to learn about the world and the environment by recognizing shapes, textures, spaces, color and by developing skills, all of which help in the development of intellectual and creative abilities. All of The Original Toy Company products such as our wooden toys, Orchard Toys from England, Fiesta Crafts from England, Dantoy from Denmark are specially designed to encourage and stimulate a child through play in a fun and interesting way.

Safety First

All The Original Toy products meet all current European and U.S safety standards. All of the company’s plastic product is imported from Denmark and meets the demands set by the international standard ISO9001. All of the Dantoy (plastic products) are produced without the use of PVC and do not contain Phthalates 

Leaders in unique design

The Original Toy Company products are carefully designed to meet each stage of the growing child's development. We only use the best materials that are suitable for ensuring each toy is of lasting quality. All products are rigorously quality controlled at each stage of manufacture to maintain the utmost standards in quality and safety.

Manufacturing on the "Greener Side"

All of our board games and puzzles are packaged in 100% recycled material. The paper used for printed covers for these products are sourced from sustainable forests and coated with a water-based varnish. We strongly believe in giving back to our environment along with protecting it for our children. Many of our products such as What’s Rubbish and The Flower Pot game are two examples of our commitment to help children learn about recycling, composting, and green issues.

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