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White Sands Games

Fossil Island® board game by White Sand Games. It's a dino-mite way to boost number thinking skills! Invented by an American school teacher - made from real life experiences! Dinosaurs appeal to kids of all ages. Fossil Island, with three game levels, is equally appealing.

White Sand Games is based on its founders 35 years of experience with children as an elementary school teacher. Fossil Island® was created by Bonnie Hemstad, elementary school teacher in Baxter, MN, who knows there is nothing better than seeing children enjoying themselves.

It originated from the inventor’s perceived need for games to facilitate play among different levels of expertise. It was designed so all ages can easily play together, comfortably! Using this experience, White Sand Games products are designed to engage, not passively entertain. Fossil Island is a place where children have fun while learning.  It’s a place where growth stems from the belief that winning isn’t the most essential part in playing any game. In reality, it’s not about winning, it’s about each persons personal accomplishments.
It is a classic board game, easy to understand, fun to play and appealing to all ages. Best of all, players of different ages have fun playing together, at the same time, comfortably! This game is a learning tool camouflaged as a board game. The rules as written are not cast in stone! This game was originally designed to review number skills, but with simple variations you can use it for anything. Whatever your goal, we invite you to think about playing games where skills and strengths are used to lend a hand more than to do away with someone, and where all children are allowed to reach their greatest potential.

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