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Baker's Dozen™ Game

by Playroom Entertainment

Baker's Dozen™ Game

Sort the different kinds of donuts to form a Baker’s Dozen™ in this clever family card game. Players choose a donut card from their hand to add to one of three piles, being careful not to let the total go over a value of 13. The player who causes the number of donuts to exceed a Baker’s Dozen must take all of the cards in that pile, trying to avoid taking any moldy donuts that may be mixed in with the yummy ones. Be the player with either the most or none of any type of donut and you're safe - otherwise take the risk eating the old yucky donut! 

Contents: 48 DonuCards, 8 Moldy Donut Cards and Instructions in English, Spanish & French

For 3 - 6 Players.

For ages 8 and up.

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