Creative Child


by Allstar Products Group


Bendaroos® magic wax super strong string gives children hours and hours of pleasure and fun. Its the toy that always gives kids more and new fun things to do. They are never bored with Bendaroos®! Easy to use, the enjoyment is endless. Simply unbend Bendaroos® to use again and again, as Bendaroos® are built to last.. Each set includes a Bendaroos® fun guide with all the imaginative activities needed to make Bendaroos® a hit with kids of all ages. Draw with Bendaroos®, they stick and stay, make animals, buildings, and more, Transform with Bendaroos®, turn ordinary items into art! Decorate with Bendaroos®, create window art, liven up frames and more. Plus Bendaroos® are a super learning tool, giving kids lessons in patience, project skills and follow through.

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