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Bug Goes through the Maze, Bug's Adventure Series

by Creatively Canny

Bug Goes through the Maze, Bug's Adventure Series

The Bug’s Adventure Series is a three-book set (hard cover or soft cover) that is fun to read by all and has many lessons that can be learned; about doing things for the first time, persistence to overcome obstacles, fun to do things with a friend, learning the difference between a maze and labyrinth, and having confidence to give advice of your own. These colorfully illustrated books are written and designed by K.M. Groshek to help children face obstacles and remind them that through hard times and difficulties we learn important lessons to help us become stronger. It also reminds us how to make every day an adventure, while overcoming obstacles. All three books in Bug’s Adventure Series are told in creative rhythms and rhymes and strong imagery that entertain and teach lessons. In Bug’s Trip to the Store, Bug, the adventurous, energetic little car, has a dilemma. He doesn’t know if he wants to go to the park to play or to the track to race around and around. Luckily, Bug’s friend Cooper shows up and helps him make this difficult decision and the two friends have the best time together. Bug Meets His Friend reminds us that we can always ask for help when making tough decisions. Each of these delightful stories demonstrate Bug’s persistence during his journey and the inspiration that comes from facing the obstacle.



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