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Clay-Mates™ Jane Goodall's Endangered Species Series

by Clay-Mates International

Clay-Mates™ Jane Goodall's Endangered Species Series

Set of Three Chimpanzees: Designed by Artist Laura Jacques and crafted by our skilled Clay-Mate artisans, these three delightful hand made porcelain Chimpanzees depict real chimps Dr. Jane Goodall befriended during her early years in Tanzania. They will be our Signature Endangered Species Clay-Mates. Please meetGaia, an adult Chimp and Glitter and Golden, twin baby chimps named after real chimps by Dr Jane Goodall. Each tiny character is meticulously detailed with delightful and charming features. Clay-Mates are hand-crafted from real porcelain clay, so each Clay-Mate has a special quality. To add to their inimitability, they are possibly the world's smallest porcelain figurines.

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