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Dr. Seuss Super Stretchy ABCs Game

by The Wonder Forge

Dr. Seuss Super Stretchy ABCs Game

The twisty-turny game of super stretchy alphabet fun!

Get ready to twist, turn and s-t-r-e-t-c-h! Can you put your hand on the letter E—while placing your foot on the letter K—AND still put your ear on the letter Q? You’ve got to be super-stretchy to meet the challenge!

In this silly game of physical challenges and alphabet fun, kids spin the Thing 1 and Thing 2 Tornado Tube to deal out letter-to-body-part challenges. Then it’s time to get down on the colorful, oversized Dr. Seuss alphabet mat and stretch and turn and twist to put your body and brain to the test!

Game Components:

  • Oversized Super Stretchy Game Mat
  • Game Board and Thing 1 and 
    Thing 2 Tornado Tube
  • 34 Letter tiles
  • 4 Toy boxes
  • 15 Word cards
  • Ages 3 and up

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