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Exploracise Gymathtics® DVD

by Exploramania

Exploracise Gymathtics® DVD

Exploracise Gymathtics is a FUN kids workout! The Award Winning Exploracise

Gymathtics program is the ULTIMATE BRAIN & BODY workout teaching math and

healthy lifestyle concepts during a complete exercise routine.  Kids have so

much fun they will want to do it again and again. The exercise program is

great for kids of all ages. The math facts target 1st-4th grade levels.


 The complete 30-minute program:

Shape Stretches Warm Up- Stretch your mind and body with line, circle, and

polygon stretches.


Counting Calisthenics- Aerobic movements work your heart as fun counting

concepts work your brain.


Pattern Power- Growing and repeating pattern exercise combinations challenge

minds and strengthen muscles.

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