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Gather 'Round Restaurant Game

by FamilyTimeFun™

Gather 'Round Restaurant Game

Introducing Gather 'Round Restaurant Game -- a whole new way to enjoy restaurant meals with your family! Waiting for your meal will actually be fun as our 60 "While You Wait" games spice up your time with belly-laughs and togetherness fun. And your meal will taste even better with our 36 "While You Eat" games, as they encourage thoughtful conversation and family bonding. Our Restaurant Game is simple, compact and easy to play. The game generates no sound so you won't disturb other patrons in the restaurant -- once seated at your table, just push the button and enjoy.

Ages 5 and up

• 60 games to play while you wait for your meal

• 36 games to play while you eat your meal

• 36 travel games for long/short car rides

• Keeps kids happy and patient while waiting for food

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