Creative Child

Girl & Boy Tooth Fairy Doll

by Sunny Daze, Inc.

Girl & Boy Tooth Fairy Doll

These beautifully detailed soft 12 inch high dolls were designed to create a special moment between a parent and child.  They will develop a family bond that will be remembered forever. Each doll comes with a magical story in their pouch and much more....

This Magical Tooth Fairy Helper holds your childs tooth in his or her pouch of that very special night the tooth fairy comes and exchanges their tooth for a surprise in the morning.  This soft 12 inch magical doll is sure to be a "fairy best friend" to your child for many years to come.  A keepsake that will bring loving thoughts to you and your child forever.  The little fairy comes with a form to record tooth fairy visits and a magical story to tell your child on how the Tooth Fairy Helper helps the Tooth Fairy in the middle of the night.  This is a Magical doll that your child will enjoy forever!!

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