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Happy Plus Surfer Trike


Happy Plus Surfer Trike

  • Special Features:
  • Parental Control Steering Lock System Locks handlebars into place for parental guidance and steering with optional pushbar.
  • Auto-Freewheel Exclusive integrated automatic free-wheeling allows children to rest their feet on the pedals while parents guide them with the optional pushbar.
  • Safety Handbrake Powerful powder coated handbrake allows trike to stop on a dime. Handbrake is a dual wheel brake which ensures even stopping power.
  • Handlebar Bag Built in strap for easy attachment.
  • Manufacturer's Defect Warranty 3 year residential & 1 year institutional 

    Standard Features
  • Seat Adjustments Four seat adjustments for a total of 2 inches.
  • Quick-Adjust Frame Telescoping multiple frame adjustment with patented Quik-Adjust™ knob (4 frame adjustments for a total of 2").
  • Synthetic MaxXtread Tires For a smooth and quiet ride
  • Limited Turn Radius Device Internal mechanism restricts handlebars and front wheel from turning more than 45 degrees left or right, radically reducing the danger of tipping over.
  • Free Push Bar 3-Position Adjustable Straight Pushbar included. Easily removed with a push of a button. 
  • Ages: 1-5 years
    Weight Limit: 400 lbs.
    Dimensions: 29" x 20" x 22"
    Wheel Size: 9"/6.5"
    Product Weight: 20 lbs
    Seat-to-Floor Dimension: 10"

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