Creative Child

I Love Horses Scrapbook

by BowwowMeow® Enterprises Inc.

I Love Horses Scrapbook

Create a treasured memory album to celebrate the horses that you love. Keep photos and memories together in one special place.

  • Add your own photographs, drawings, stories and creativity.
  • The scrapbook is an 8"x 8" fabric covered durable book with vinyl sleeves.
  • All of the materials needed to get started are included: a variety of colorful papers, horse stickers, glue stick, double sided tape, deckled edge scissors, a set of markers and pages for you to fill in the blanks and tell fun facts about the horses you love.
  • All of the materials are acid free to ensure that your scrapbook lasts for years to come.
  • Fun for all from adult to small (8+)

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