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Jing Joe

by Patongco LLC

Jing Joe

The award winning Jing Joe Pad is the answer to the problem many parents have when their child spends long hours in the their seat, stroller, swing, or bouncer. Whether it's going to church, strolling in the mall or the park, or just lounging in the swing or bouncer at home, parents would find their child's back drenched in perspiration. You can resolve this problem with the Jing Joe Pad.
The award winning Jing Joe Pad is an amazing product that easily fits in your child’s seat, stroller, bouncer, or swing. The Jing Joe Pad is a 9.5”x14”x.25” nylon pad with a built in fan that draws in the surrounding air and pushes the air through the channels in the pad and out through the mesh spacer material. The cushion of air keeps your child dry and comfortable. Openings on the sides of the pad allow the use of your child's equipped harness so that the child is safely secured in their seat.
The Jing Joe Pad comes with adapters that will allow your baby to be comfortable in the house or on the go. It also comes with a battery pack for ultimate portability when you have no power outlet. Your child can stay comfortable and dry during those trips in the stroller when you’re about in the mall, amusement parks, or church.
The Jing Joe Pad does not use any dangerous and messy chemical ice pack. The child does not sit on any dangerous electrical coils. With the pad, your child sits up against a pad providing a cushion of air that comes from the channels within the pad.
The Jing Joe Pad may also be used to cover accessories to help prevent your child from getting burns from seat buckles, straps, and snaps that were left in the car during a hot summer day. Simply place the buckles, straps, and snaps behind the pad to keep it out of the sun or start the pad to have the cushion of air cool off the hot hardware.
The patent pending Jing Joe Pad was designed for your child's safety and comfort, as well as, the convenience and portability for today's mobile and busy parents.

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