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Mattress Protector

by Save Our Sleep, Inc.

Mattress Protector

The S.O.S. Mattress Protector is a patented (US Patent 7,047,580 B2), waterproof mattress protector that saves time whenever the bed gets wet.

The S.O.S. Mattress Protector is a unique product on the market because it can protect a mattress for up to two wettings. Placed on a bed like a fitted sheet, it has two absorbent, waterproof mattress pads, two sheets and a zipper on two sides for easy removal and attachment. It can be used by itself or with your own fitted sheet.
Although designed with potty training in mind, it can be used for incontinence, people who are bedridden, hospice care, night sweats or the countless instances a bed can get wet.

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