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Music Together® Lullabies

by Music Together

Music Together® Lullabies

Music Together® Lullabies is here at last! One of the most treasured moments in a Music Together class is lullaby time. Now all eighteen lullabies from the nine Music Together song collections are available for you to share at home with your child. An accompanying beautifully illustrated 32-page booklet offers quiet activities you can do with your child and ways to make the lullabies your own.

Lullabies provide a time to be close to your child physically, emotionally, and musically. For babies and toddlers, lullaby time is a comforting ritual that eases the bedtime transition. For older children, who are increasingly verbal, it is often the time they spontaneously confide their hopes and fears. For parents and caregivers, it is a time to pause in their busy day and enjoy a moment of quiet intimacy.

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