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My Masterpiece

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My Masterpiece

Turn your child's art into a true Masterpiece!

With My Masterpiece, your own original artwork is enlarged and placed into a wood frame or Museum Poster, which ever you choose. Our kit includes pages to originate a drawing or attach a photo from your child, or from an adult, that is mailed to us in the prepaid envelope provided, or you can make your item entirely online using our Internet drawing and photo tools. In just a few short weeks, when the professionally reproduced Masterpiece is returned, your young artist will experience a sense of accomplishment like none other! Better still, the entire family can enjoy the attractively presented art for a lifetime.

If you have chosen to frame your masterpiece, we enlarge your art or photo to 11" by 14" and print it onto a plain or simulated canvas background, or for an extra charge, actual canvas. Our wood frames are offered in red, blue, black or gold leaf, and include a nameplate with the artist name, artwork title and date. The Museum Poster is a large 24" by 18" size and includes the same artist titling information in three different exhibit styles, along with the option of adding “ National Art Museum” so it looks just like a real museum poster. Many other exciting options are offered, such as a Plexi Glass cover for the wood frame and replication of photos to appear as oil paintings. Your My Masterpiece drawing or photo can be placed into any combination of additional wood frames and posters, each with different options, and are a great way for child to decorate their room, and for Mom or Dad to decorate their office. From the makers of IlluStory.

Ages 2 and up.


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