Creative Child

Personalized Journal

by Jacabee, Inc.

Personalized Journal

The Journal is the only place you can see the secrets behind the glyphs. The Jacabee Code is part of a larger “story” that will be revealed in good time. When you take part in the quest to crack the code you have the exclusive ability to write your very own book starring Abby, Dooley, Baldy and YOU!

If you get the Jacabee Reader first then you can mirror the story online and make decisions that affect the outcome! The Personal Journal has all the cool stuff you have collected – trophies, masks, and historical clothing for your avatar. There are millions of possible options, so every book is unique as you want it to be.

Don't forget that the Jacabee Code is sort of like a treasure hunt. Jacabee has hidden clues in the Jacabee Readers, in the game and maybe even in your Personalized Journal.

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