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Proud Parents' Guide to Raising Athletic, Balanced, and Coordinated Kids

by Proud Parents' Guide Books

Proud Parents' Guide to Raising Athletic, Balanced, and Coordinated Kids

Simple games teach kids to run, jump, kick, catch, leap, skip and much more. Babies, toddlers, preschoolers and elementary-aged kids will develop the physical strength and fundamental skills needed for success in youth sports. This program is easy because it uses a majority of household items such as generic rope, chalk, balloons, bubbles, soda bottles, trash cans, chairs, tables, pillows, toys, towels, blankets, beads, necklaces, paper plates, buckets, small sticks and laundry baskets. It also uses basic sports equipment like inexpensive balls (playground, soccer, football and tennis), hula hoops, child-sized tennis racquets, golf clubs and bats. This book can be used indoors and out ranging from a home or classroom environment to backyards, playgrounds and parks.

As an experienced professional sports coach and mother of three, she developed this collection of games to teach her own children basic fundamental skills to prepare them for athletics, academics and life. She also used these same games to coach other children who had impressive strengths but limiting physical weaknesses. Hence, the concept was born as a way to develop a child’s overall coordination while filling in the gaps of missing fundamental skills. When kids improve their balance, strength, flexibility, body awareness and overall coordination, the results include self-confidence and success in sports and life. So back to the original question, “Why was this book written?” There are two reasons. Karen believes all kids deserve the opportunity to have a fun and have a successful experience in youth sports. She also wanted to provide parents an easy plan to give their children that chance while making priceless family memories.

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