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Safety Mate is a hand-held, interactive talking first aid guide. An innovative solution for family first aid needs, Safety Mate is the newest trend in essential safety gear for the modern parent or child care facility. There is now a fresh and inventive way to learn how to help a baby or child in case of an actual emergency! 

Safety Mate is a great way to up grade any child care facility. Parents can rest assured knowing that Safety Mate provides correct methods to handle situations that we may forget about during an emergency or give extra instructions that people may not have been training for. Here are the categories Safety Mate covers:
- CPR, Unconscious
- Choking, Breathing
- Allergic Reaction
- Bleeding
- Burns
- Falls, Bone Injury
- Poison, Bites, Stings
- Seizures

Easy to Use:
1. Press Button
2. Listen
3. Follow step-by-step instructions

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