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Simon Flash

by Hasbro™

Simon Flash

The classic game of SIMON is updated with “Wonder-link” technology, giving this 80s hit game a new spin. With four memory-busting games, SIMON FLASH is made up of four tiles that players shuffle and swap at SIMON’s command. The tiles store neatly in a carrying case for easy travel and game play on the go! Both old and new SIMON fans won’t want to put this down!

Game Objective:    Conquer the colors by repeating the patterns of the four colored cubes as they light up for four different styles of game-play.

Game Play:    Players can enjoy four unique games in one!
•    Simon Classic – Successfully repeat the growing sequence of colored lights.
•    Simon Shuffle – A pattern of lights is revealed in a flash but the lights then shuffle and players have to get them back to the original pattern.
•    Simon Lights Off – Line up all the cubes in the correct order to make all the lights turn off. Move quickly though, the game only lasts for 90 seconds!
•    Simon Secret Color – keep rearranging the cubes until they all light up as the same color.

Players: 1
Ages: 8 and up
Approximate Price: $29.99
Availability: Fall 2011 at mass merchandise retailers nationwide

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