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SMARTLAB Extreme Secret Formula Lab

by SmartLab Toys

SMARTLAB Extreme Secret Formula Lab

Kids try their hand at mad science in the much-anticipated update of the popular title You Mix It - Secret Formula Lab. This Extreme version features tailored components such as a mix-and-measure scoop, test tubes with squishy lids, and an abundance of glow-in-the-dark powder so kids can concoct 20 experiments that glow, ooze, and stink up the kitchen. From glow-in-the-dark alien blood to scratch-and-sniff stickers, young scientists will never have so much fun with a beaker, test tubes, and commonly found household ingredients! Recommended for Ages 8+.


  • beaker
  • funnel
  • test tube stand
  • mix-and-measure scoop
  • 8g of glow-in-the-dark powder (up from 3g in original Secret Formula Lab)
  • mixing bowl
  • 2 test tubes with squishy lids
  • eyedropper
  • 24 page fully illustrated book

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