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Sweet Assist Manual Breast Pump

by A Cute Baby, Inc.

Sweet Assist Manual Breast Pump

The Sweet Assist Manual Pump is designed to address the problems of fatigue and muscle strain commonly found in using traditional manual pumps. It is small and lightweight, and great for travel. With the convertible Assist Handle, the Sweet Assist allows her to use the pump one-handed or two-handed, and it can provide a unique bonding opportunity for an assisting partner.

The wide, ergonomic design of the Assist Handle provides a better fit for mothers with smaller hands or arm injuries, and our patented Pressure Release Valve provides extra comfort and safety for her by giving the user control over the pump’s vacuum pressure.  This feature prevents over-vacuum and swelling of the nipples, and allows for easier separation from the pump.

The Sweet Assist combines a sleek and uniform design with easy-to-operate, unique, and pain-alleviating pump features. It has two vacuum and suction settings, providing her with more control over her pumping sessions without restricting her to power outlets. The bottle adapter kit allows her to easily convert the expression bottle into a storage bottle.

€‹BPA free.








Each Sweet Assist Manual Breast Pump Kit Includes:

  • Expression Collection Kit
  • Sweet Assist Handle
  • Manual Pump Diaphragm Kit
  • Two Bottle Adapter Kits (Bottle Ring & Sealing Disc)
  • Spare Parts (One-Way Valve & O-Ring)
  • Convenient Carrying Tote
  • User Instructions & Assembly Manual

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