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The Brainy Bunch Kids

by Key Education Publishing Company, LLC

The Brainy Bunch Kids

Come along on a series of exciting adventures with the Brainy Bunch Kids! Your students will meet Eli, Jada, Yuuto, and Zoe—energetic and engaging friends starring in 12 colorful pullout storybooks that focus on important themes for early childhood education. In the first unit and story “All About Me,” students will learn about themselves and each other along with the Brainy Bunch. Subsequent stories introduce and reinforce colors, numbers, shapes, position words, and the alphabet. Children will have the opportunity to explore feelings and learn about building community and character. The Brainy Bunch kids also share their experiences with pets, a trip to Uncle Eual’s farm, and the excitement of entering a science fair. From fund-raising for new library books to solving the mystery of their teacher’s missing hat, the Brainy Bunch will keep your students actively learning.

320 pages

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