Creative Child

The Comfort Crab Collection

by Litl Crabie Creations

The Comfort Crab Collection

The Comfort Crab is an 8”x7” soft, plush stuffed animal with a pocket on its back for a reusable hot/cold gel pack of your choice. The Comfort Crabs’ shell also has a pocket for optional aromatherapy.


For tummy aches or colic try... Chamomile & peppermint teabags or fresh lavender & chamomile in a sachet.

For ear aches and colds try... Peppermint teabags or fresh eucalyptus in a sachet mixed with peppermint.

For sleepy or quiet time try... Chamomile, hibiscus & spearmint teabags (night time tea bags are also available) or fresh lavender & orange blossoms in a sachet.

Simply place tea bags or sachet of herbs in microwave for 10 seconds and then place in The Comfort Crab's shell. (Tea bags & sachets should be placed in crab's shell and not used alone.)

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