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The Magic Gown

by Spring Tree Press

The Magic Gown

Yes, Dorothy’s really not in Kansas anymore…she’s now eleven-year-old Lilly Segovia in the “Land of Ten Kings and Roses,” and not since The Wizard of Oz have young readers of all ages enjoyed such a lush tale of colorful characters and thrilling adventures, all to the accompaniment of enchanting, full-color illustrations. Lilly’s move to a new home sets in motion the story of a gift (the Magic Gown) that is to be given to our world from another realm, a place both bizarrely terrifying and beautiful beyond imagination…a place in which the indomitable spirit of this emerging young woman, now aided by her newfound friend Tom, is challenged over and over as she discovers her true identity in fulfillment of a charmed destiny.  Ages 8-12.

144 pages trade paper w/more than 50 color illustrations and art.

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