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The Original Ultimate Spinner

by Robbins Toy

The Original Ultimate Spinner

This game has a total of 12 games in one. Educational and fun for the whole family to play. The activity discs are great for home and in the classroom. Our game is very useful in teaching children to learn the alphabet, numbers, basic math equations, and how to tell time. If your child finds certain games and activities too challenging, try using the "Considering Tender Hearts" rules in the instructions. Have fun playing!

Made in Maine, each package contains:

1 Pine Wood Base Platter
1 Pine Wood Handarm Spinner
5 Game/Activity Discs
1 Instruction Disc
1 Spinner Speedway Racetrack
4 Pine Wood Race Cars
12 Addition Math Cards
12 Subtraction Math Cards
12 Multiplication Math Cards
60 Spin~do Game Prompt Cards
2 Clock Hands
2 Score Pads
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