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Tri-Ton-The Ultimate Three-Wheeled Cruiser

by Asa Products Inc.

Tri-Ton-The Ultimate Three-Wheeled Cruiser

The Triton Three Wheeled Cruiser is an exciting and ultra maneuverable cruiser for children and adults. With a very unique, yet simple steering mechanism, it is not only fun and enjoyable to steer, it's also easy to ride, durable and a great way to get a light to brisk work out through self-propulsion resulting in increased cardiovascular health. The Triton sits low to the ground, which makes it safe to ride. Triton was designed to be simple, reliable, and fun, fun, fun! 

Other key features of the Triton include an adjustable frame makes it comfortable for riders of various heights and sizes. The caliper hand brake makes slowing or stopping quick, smooth and easy. A front freewheel mechanism, a generously padded seat and inflatable tires provide a smooth and comfortable ride. The comfortable recumbent seating position means no pressure on the wrists, elbows and hands. There are so many exciting features of the Triton. Just one ride and you're hooked! Supports up to 220 lbs.

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