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by Peace and Love Inc.


WheeGO© is where treasure hunting meets hide-n-go seek, and children ages 4-7 can't get enough. It combines the fun of hide-n-seek with the thrill of hunting for treasure. Kids naturally love this type of activity and WheeGO affords a turn-key, exhilarating (“can we play again!”) experience.  It encourages and rewards a child’s natural curiosity, builds confidence, and stimulates brain development.

Before the game begins, the parent or caregiver or even an older brother, sister or friend, becomes known as Captain WheeGO. The Captain places 10 clue cards and one treasure card in recommended hiding spots throughout the house or apartment.  When all the cards have been placed, Captain WheeGO begins the game by introducing the WheeGO Character the quest is based on. The Character Card leads the searchers to Clue #1, and thus the game begins.

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