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Xa Xa™ Ball

by Astrojax USA

Xa Xa™ Ball

XaXa™ (pronounced “Ksa·Ksa”) is designed to stimulate the senses. It’s for playful, curious people, jugglers, dancers, performers – for kids of all ages. The adaptable balls invite you to experiment and explore.  Fill them with different objects to change their sound or weight and mix or match colors to get the look you like!  The core of XaXa is made of shock-resistant, clear plastic that is protected by a super-elastic rubber skin. This soft skin makes the balls pleasant to touch and easy to catch. It is so stretchy and durable that the core can easily be popped out of one of the holes.  Not only is XaXa a toy for creative discovery, it can also be used to teach kids about color and sound or even serve as a container for a precious little gift or a secret message. XaXa spurs the imagination, trains motor skills and sharpens the senses.

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