Creative Child

Zip & Tote Apron

by Goo-Goo Baby

Zip & Tote Apron

The perfect apron for kids age 4 to 10 years

    •    Apron folds into zipper pocket for easy pack and go
    •    Non-toxic waterproof fabric keeps creative kids clean
    •    Giant pocket holds lots of stuff & keeps it handy
    •    Great for arts & crafts, cooking, building & more  
    •    Designed to fit kids from age 4 to 10 years

Whether your child is an inventor, chef, artist or just plain likes to make a mess, the Zip & Tote Apron will keep them clean and dry.  Made from our proprietary biodegradable and waterproof fabric (the same fabric we use for our Perfect Pocket Bibs & Smocks), this apron has features Mom and Dad will wish they had.  With a large zip-up pocket to hold lots of stuff, a holster loop on each hip and adjustable ties, this apron will grow with your child for many years.  When it's clean up time, just unzip the big pocket, turn it inside out folding the apron into the reversed big pocket, and it zips up into a tote bag you can take along anywhere you go.  Available in 4 fun prints.

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