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by Elastic Earth, LLC

Kids go green to save endangered animals.
TM, the new environmental board game that teaches kids how to go green. With a unique game strategy it links the child’s behaviors to their indirect environmental consequence – the fate of endangered animals. Targeting ages 6+, Endango is fun for the whole family. Endango is creative, innovative, educational, environmentally friendly fun.

EndangoTM Features:
4 Endango
TM Kids
4 Environments (Safari, Forest, Ocean and Ice)
12 Endangered Animals
100 educational cards including multiple choice and true/false about animals, the 
environment, green tips as well as physical and altruistic challenges.
Kids learn green behaviors

How to play EndangoTM:
Each player is responsible for three endangered animals in an environment. The points they earn as they navigate the human track affect the fate of the endangered animals in their environment. Positive points for “green behavior and knowledge” move the animals toward saved; negative points for “less environmentally friendly behaviors” move the animals toward extinct.

For 2 to 4 players.
*Made with recycled materials and soy based ink.

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