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Welcome to the Writer's Guidelines for submitting a Guest Article for Creative Child Magazine.

Creative Child Magazine covers unique crafts, creative parenting and educational ideas for homeschoolers, teachers, and parents. Our mission is to help parents and teachers make the most of their children’s lives with creativity and inspiration.

Please review our writer’s guidelines below. We welcome new writers, but prefer those with writing experience and a platform.

Contact the Editor:

  1. Send us an email with your story idea.
  2. In the Subject Line, mention "Creative Child Submission"
  3. Include a summary describing your idea and the date you will submit your finished article.
  4. Include your website url, Twitter, and Facebook page.

Submitting Your Article:

  1. Send the submission as a Word document in the attachment of your email. Articles should be approximately 500 - 800 words.
  2. Ensure that all back links work. In case the url links don’t transfer for some reason, please place the full link ( in your article or in notes to the editor.
  3. Include your name for the byline, website and a 2-5 sentence bio.
  4. If you have publish-worthy photos to go with your post, please attach them with your submission. If you are writing a DIY, Craft, or kid’s activity that involves steps please include them.


Compensation to be determined.


How do I know my email was received?

You will receive an email within 1-2 weeks upon receipt of your submission.

When will I see my article published?

Once your article is approved for publication, you will be contacted by the editor.

What is the compensation for articles?

Please see compensation note above.

For additional questions, please email us here.


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    • Arts & Crafts
    • Activities
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    • Recipes for Kids
    • Fashion and Kids Gear
    • Toys, Games and Books
  • Holiday Themes:
    • Seasons
    • National Holidays
    • Birthday Parties
    • Religious Holidays (for Educational Purposes Only)
  • Maternity Personal Care (before, during and after pregnancy):
    • Health
    • Fitness
    • Disease
    • Inspiration
  • Beauty for New & Expectant Moms:
    • Nails
    • Hair
    • Makeup
    • Fashion
  • Baby:
    • Tips and Tools
    • Baby Food & Snacks
    • Gear & Accessories
    • Fashion
    • Funny Pages (i.e.. BuzzFeed Style Articles)
  • For the Home:
    • Recipes
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    • Cleaning & Organizing Tips
    • Money Saving Tips
    • DIY Projects
    • Life Hacks
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