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10 Books Even the Most Stubborn Sons Won’t Be Able to Resist

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6.     Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld 


A unique story written by three powerhouse authors, Zeroes is a culmination of epic proportions. Bringing together six Californian “not-so-friendly” best friends to fight dangerous criminals provides for a colorful story of action-packed drama. Yet with their rough past, can the Zeroes keep their differences aside long enough to save the world or will they turn on each other?   


7.     Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

From #1 New York Times best selling author Rainbow Rowell comes another hilarious, heartfelt story about love, mystery and monsters. Things aren’t exactly going well for Simon Snow. His roommate, Baz, is an evil vampire and Simon’s arch nemesis, he’s being avoided by his mentor, his girlfriend thinks they should see other people, and he’s probably the least qualified Chosen One in history. But this is Simon’s last year the Watford School of Magicks, and not even a magic-eating monster loose on the grounds and pretending to be Simon can ruin it… or can it?

Carry On


8.     Infinite in Between by Carolyn Mackler

Who could ever forget the coming-of-age, epic 80s film Breakfast Club? The burnout falls for the popular girl; the geek confronts his demanding family and Simple Minds sending us off into an emotional roll of the credits. Exploring how we affect each other’s lives in seemingly impossible ways, Infinite in Between echoes the heartbreaks, joys and fears every high school student is faced with.

Infinity In Between 

9.     Winter by Marissa Meyer

The third book in The Lunar Chronicles is an exciting modern take on classic fairytales set in space. The Lunar people admire Princess Winter for her kindness and grace, but loathe her evil, undermining stepmother Queen Levana. With the help of Cinder, a cyborg mechanic, and other allies, Winter stages a revolution to once and for all win the war against her step mother that has been raging for generations.


10.  Infinity Lost by S. Harrison

As iPhones and Siri continue to take over the world, emerging technologies seem to do nothing but make our lives easier. For Infinity “Finn” Blackstone living in a world of Artificial Intelligence is all she knows. But as strange dreams begin to haunt her, Finn feels as though there’s something deeper to life than metal casings and software. As she begins discovers more about the secrets of Blackstone, Finn’s convenient technologies might be the one thing keeping her from the truth.

Infinity Lost

Also check out the cool interactive book series, the Doodle Adventures.

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