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10 Books Even the Most Stubborn Sons Won’t Be Able to Resist

Do you have a son who is less than enthused about reading? Then we’ve got the answers to your literary problem! This list is sure to have something to spark your son’s imagination and have him begging to read just one more chapter!


1.     The Red Sun by Alane Adams

Do you have a Percy Jackson or Harry Potter fan living under your roof? Check out the first installment in the Legends of Orkney series about a boy named Sam Baron who just found out he’s from a magical realm called Orkney. Journeying to this strange land to save his friends, Sam stumbles upon an ancient curse that has turned Orkney’s sun red and threatens to destroy the realm. As Sam races to find answers, he will also come to understand his developing magical powers in this exciting story sure wow its readers!

The Red Sun

2.     The Boy Who Drew Monsters by Keith Donohue

Some days, everything just seems off, like the night of a full moon or Mercury spinning in retrograde. But for Jack Peter, his innocent drawings of monsters seem to be wrapped up in the same peculiar vortex as the universe. As each drawing takes on a life of its own, Jack Peter’s imagination begins to terrorize everyone around him, but does Jack Peter have the power to end it all or are his monsters out to play?

The Boy Who Drew Monsters


3.     Huskers by Strat Warden

This is a perfect book for boys more focused on sports than literature. In the simpler time of 1960s Nebraska, seven young boys band together to form a youth football team and grow together through friendship and overcoming personal obstacles. Learning to confront the rocky road of adolescence is never easy, but from dealing with girls to their own inner demons, the boys develop courage and respect for themselves by leaning on their teammates when times get tough.


4.     The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

When you’re surrounded by supernatural humans who fight to save the world every day, it’s hard to find your place; like Mikey for example, a normal teenage boy who just wants to score a date to prom and get through his last semester. Living in a world of phenomenal humans, Mikey must figure out a way to find the extraordinary in his very ordinary life.

The Rest Of Us

5.     The Looney Experiment by Luke Reynolds

Atticus Hobart is having a tough year: the girl he likes has no idea who he is, the class bully has put a target on his back, and his father just left. Then comes Mr. Looney, the 77-year-old substitute English teacher who will help Atticus understand the meaning behind his name and find the courage to make his voice heard. And maybe, just maybe, Atticus will discover he has always had the power inside of him to face his biggest problems. 

The Looney Experiment

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