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10 Tips For Hosting a Successful Playdate

by Deborah Song

A little planning goes a long way when hosting a playdate. This doesn’t mean you have to label water bottles or print out menu cards. But children tend to get territorial on their own home turf. Playing host is a great opportunity for your child to learn to be gracious and gain confidence.

Strategize a little before, and you may avoid some unnecessary pitfalls and help your guests and child enjoy each other’s company.

1. Avoid a party of three.

Threesomes almost guarantee an odd one out. If possible, try to make the number of kids an even number.

2. Schedule around naps.

The best time for children to enjoy one another’s company is when they’re rested, not restless. Even if your child no longer naps, choose the most optimal time to host the playdate.

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3. Proof your house.

Proofing your house for a playdate goes beyond childproofing for sharp corners. Put away small or messy toys (I always hide Legos) or a favored toy your child isn’t ready to share yet.

4. Make sharing easier.

Try to have duplicates of some items so children aren’t drawn to the same toy.

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