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10 Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Kids This Holiday Season

by Deborah Song

Quality family time in today’s culture conjures up images of weekends spent at Great Wolf Lodge or Disneyland because these are activities that appeal to our kids. But quality time doesn’t have to be synonymous with making our kids supremely happy. What kids really need isn’t more toys, more treats, or more entertainment. They just need our undivided attention. Quality time is simply about creating that space for family to be next to each other and focus on the same things your kids are focused on. Simply being together can be enough. Here are some ways to spend quality time with your family this holiday season.

1. Play board games. Board games are a great interactive way to spend some time together. Not only does the hint of friendly competition keep everyone on their toes, but there’s something about the cold weather that enhances the appeal of board games during the holidays. Competition and warmth aside though, what really lights up kids is seeing mom and dad engaged in the same thing they are.

2. Cook together. Part of the appeal with cooking is that it’s a grown-up activity kids get to partake in. Plus, kids are more prone to eat what they make. Susan Roberts, a pediatric occupational therapist and author of My Kids Eat Everything says kids eat horrible today because they are just being “fed.” She claims that kids ate better in the past when they helped prep the food, set the table, wash dishes, and in some cases even helped catch the food the family served. Not only is cooking together a way to spend quality time together, but it can make your kids less picky eaters.

3. Make a holiday greeting video. A video is a much more personal way to send holiday greetings to family members and friends, especially those you may not have seen in a while. And with the popularity of YouTube, creating a family holiday video can be equal parts meaningful and fun.

4. Wrap presents together.  Collaboration can turn gift-wrapping from a holiday nuisance to a holiday craft. The important precursor here is to do most of your shopping ahead of time. My kids have used pipe cleaners and googly eyes to create faces on some of the presents. Your guests will surely appreciate the added touch as well.

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