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10 Ways to Support Your Child In School

Ruth Castillo


6. Problem Solving. Teach your child strategies by role playing various scenarios. Ask him/her, what they would do if someone told them to steal money from the teacher's desk. And if their proposed solution did not work, what else could they do. The idea is to think through various solutions so they have options and are prepared. While times have changed, peer pressure has remained constant. If your child makes a bad choice, you do not want them to say they did not know what to do. 

7. Attend all school programs. I have run into more people who can tell me every event their parent did not attend. You do not have to give your opinion of the event, just attend. The major events are Back to School Night, Open House and that ever important Winter Program. Check with your child's teacher at the beginning of the year to find out what events will be taking place. This is probably the one that will affect the relationship you have with your child the most. They will perceive they are not important and you do not care if you do not attend.

8. Support the teacher. Assume good will on the part of the teacher. They want the best for your child and they want the best for their class. With cell phones and email, there is no excuse to not have contact with the teacher, even if you never have a face to face meeting. Let the teacher know you not only want to know the "bad" things your child does, but when your child does something outstanding. Ask the teacher what their expectations are and how you can support them to help your child meet the teacher's goals for the year. 

9. Put them to bed early. How did you function at work the last time you could not sleep peacefully at night? Were you grumpy and unfocused? Imagine your child having to go to school and take a test or present an oral report. Everyone works better when they stick to a schedule and a routine. Have a time when lights need to be turned off, and be consistent.

10. Get them to school on time. Finally, get your child to school on time. How many times does an employer allow someone to be late before losing their job or having their pay docked? I can guarantee a student who gets to school on time now will be one who gets to work on time as an adult. Think back to the last time you were late on the job. Did it seem like you spent the rest of the day trying to catch up? You usually end up anxious the remainder of the day and can never quite relax.

What are some other tips that have helped you help your child with school?

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Originally published by Linda S. Rogers in Loving Advice From Mom, 2011

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