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13 DIY Musical Instruments

by Devin Berglund
Making music is such a great activity for families especially when you do it together. We hope you enjoy our list of DIY musical instruments and that you build great memories with your family, while making them.
Didgeridoo - Teach your kids about Australia and help them make a didgeridoo of their own. Hear a what a real one sounds like!
Maracas - Your kids will love decorating and playing these. Take out some bright tape and markers. You could even cover the outside of the egg and spoons with paper mache to make them last longer.
Kazoo - Kazoos are always fun, but even more so when you get to create your own.
Do Re Mi Bottles - "Doe a deer, a female deer. Ray, a drop of golden sun. Me, a name I call myself..." This is an all time favorite song from the Sound of Music. Teach your kids about "Do, Re, Mi" with these bottles.
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Rain Stick - This is a favorite of ours. Who doesn't love the sound of a rainy day? Help your kids create their own to summon the rain.
Can Wind Chimes - Wind chimes are great DIY musical instruments and they are easy to make. This is a great way to recycle tin cans. When finished, string them up on a tree or on your porch.
Straw Music - This is new! Your kids will enjoy creating a musical instrument of their own from straws. Who knew making instruments could be so easy!
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Tin Can Drums - Aren't these adorable! It's another great way to reuse your tin cans. Help your kids paint and decorate these. Also, make sure there aren't any sharp spots before you give these to your kids.
Musical Fence - This is a great way to reuse and recycle old things, plus it will keep your kids creating music in the backyard for hours.
Click Clackers - These little monster click clackers will keep your kids busy for hours, besides aren't they adorable?
PVC Pipe Music - These are always fun! It's exciting when you can bring music making outside. Make some PVC Pipes of various sizes and put them in your yard or garden.

Water Xylophone - We love these! Do you remember the xylophones you used to play in elementary school music class? Well, these are even more awesome!
Life is more fun with music. Help your kids make these awesome DIY musical instruments and start a band! We hope your family loves them as much as we do.
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Devin Berglund is an enthusiast for all things writing. On her free time she enjoys FaceTiming with her fiancé (who currently lives in Australia), traveling, and writing novels.

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