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20 Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

by Devin Berglund

We've put together a list of 20 dinosaur birthday party ideas full of delicious treats, fun party favors, and decorations. Hopefully this list will help you plan the best dinosaur birthday party ever.


Twig Apples - We love these!! They will add a splash of color to the treat table. And how about trying caramel apples like this too?

Cheerio Lava Snack - These look just like small volcanoes, but are tastier. The children will love these!

Herbivore Treats - What a unique way to display fruit? Herbivores would love this section of the treat table.

Dino Print Cookies - Grab some small toy dinosaurs and dress up any favorite cookie recipe with footprints. Your children will love helping.

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T-Rex Fruit Salad - Looks like T-Rex has become a fruit-saurus with this salad. Check out the easy step by step directions for making your own.

Dinosaur Cake - This cake would make any child happy. Plus, it's easy and cheap! Just decorate it with crumbled cookies and plastic dinosaur toys.

Bone Snacks - What a unique treat! These will have the children feeling like paleontologists at treat time. This could also work for a Halloween treat.

Dino Rice Krispies - Rice Krispies are always a favorite. What about making them in Dino shapes?

Raptor Claws - These are brilliant and easy to make!

Erupting Volcano cake - Every child (and adult) would want an erupting volcano on top of their cake. This is a must for your child's next dinosaur birthday party.


Dino Handle Cups - Do you ever have a problem keeping track of who's cup is whose at birthday parties? This will solve all of those problems.

Dinosaur Serving Tray - This cute dino serving tray will add some character to the dining table. And it's not that hard to make!

Excavation Kit Party Favor - What a cool party favor!? Fill the kit with exciting dino surprises. Each child will love it!

String Dino Eggs - Want a more delicate dinosaur decoration? These are easy to make and look classy in a decorative basket on the table.

Chalk Dino Footprints - Have your kids help you decorate by drawing dinosaur footprints onto the pavement with chalk. This will really get them excited!

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Cute Dino Party Favor Bags - Want a party favor bag that takes less time and effort? Try these! It's easy and cute!

Paper Mache Dino Egg Decor - Make a few of these and decorate the place with them. Kids will imagine a dinosaur put a nest in your front yard.

Dino Egg Party Favors - These are brilliant! Each kid will feel like they are bringing a dinosaur egg home.

Mini Dino Hats - Get some small plastic dinosaurs and decorate them with small party hats. Set them on the tables and around the house.

Prehistoric Balloons - Dinosaur balloons will bring a dash of color to any room. Your kids will love them!!

Your kids are bound to have a brilliant dinosaur birthday party with these amazing dinosaur birthday party ideas. We love these party ideas for kids, and hope you love them too!

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Devin Berglund is an enthusiast for all things writing. On her free time she enjoys FaceTiming with her fiancé (who currently lives in Australia), traveling, and writing novels.

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