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21 Days to Positive Parenting

by Rebecca Eanes

I invite you to take the next 21 days to commit to being a more positive parent. Whether you are new to positive parenting or you’ve been practicing it for a long time, we are all works in progress with room for improvement and growth.

Journaling has many benefits, including helping us to clarify our thoughts and solve problems more effectively. Remember the saying, where your attention goes, energy flows. By focusing your attention on your parenting for a few minutes a day for 21 straight days, you’re creative energy will flow in that direction.

The following journal prompts are to help you assess your relationships, thoughts, needs, and goals.

1. What is your relationship with your child like at this moment and how can it be improved?

2. What makes your child feel most loved?

3. What area do you need to improve in? Patience? Consistency? Calmness?

4. What or who inspires you to be a better parent? Why?

5. If you could start over in your parenting journey, what would you do differently? Can you start that now and make a difference?

6. Name one thing that you feel is keeping you from being the parent you want to be. What can you do about this?

7. What part of the day causes the most stress and how can it be changed?

8. Which of your child’s behaviors triggers you the most? Why?

9. What is the most important thing you can do for your child today?

10. Are your expectations of your child too high? Too low? Age appropriate?

11. Are your expectations of yourself too high?

12. Name 5 good qualities that your child possesses.

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