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24 Ideas for Leftover Easter Eggs

by Jenna Gleason


11. Word Games

Make a word game for your kids! This game has many different combinations of words to choose from! For More Details Click Here!

12. Bird Feeders

Create these bird feeders as a craft, then go bird watching outside your window! To Learn More Click Here! 

13. Egg Caterpillars

Egg caterpillars made easily with glue and leftover plastic eggs! For More Details Click Here!

14. Snack Separators

Is your kid a picky eater? Use eggs as food separators for snacks and other yummy things! To Learn More Click Here! 

15. Mini Helicopters

Egg carton mini helicopters can be awesome for pretend play. For More Details Click Here!

16. Easter Egg Wreath

How adorable would this be to have hanging on your door next Easter?! To Learn More Click Here!


17. Egg Painting

Add a twist to normal painting! Use plastic eggs and create fun circle art! For More Details Click Here!


18. Easter Egg Candle Holders

This is such a creative and beautiful way to use leftover eggs and glitter! To Learn More Click Here!


19. Dragon Craft

Make these as decorations or for craft day! For More Details Click Here!


20. Jellyfish Craft

This reusable craft includes newspaper and plastic eggs! To Learn More Click Here!


21. DIY Sail Boats

Use paper egg cartons, yarn and play figures to create this cute craft! For More Details Click Here!


22. Dinosaur Hat

Paint an egg carton and get creative for this idea! To Learn More Click Here! 

23. Ornaments

This Easter save those plastic eggs to make some ornaments for the tree this Christmas! It's a great family activity and craft for all ages to enjoy! For More Details Click Here!

24. House Decorations

For the years to come, make your front yard scream Easter! To Learn More Click Here!

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Jenna is a staff writer and production assistant at Creative Child Magazine. She is currently attending University of Nevada - Las Vegas.

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