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30+ Kids Forts and Playhouses

by Devin Berglund

More Forts and Playhouses!

DIY Cozy Reading Fort - This is a perfect place for reading time. Curl up with your kids and read to them of far and distant lands!

Music Fort - Do your kids love music? Set up a music fort for them to practice in.


Twinkly Light Cave Fort - This is a wonderful fort for children who love colorful lights.

Living Tunnel - We'd love to have had this as children! Set up your own living tunnel in your backyard. Your kids will feel like they are stepping into a fairytale.

Castle in Your Child’s Bedroom - This is a castle fit for a king or queen! They will feel like they are living out of a storybook.

Create A Garden TeePee - A garden teepee will add to any backyard. You'll spend a lot of time with your family under this garden teepee. Enjoy with a blanket and picnic!

Lake Resort Fort - Any child would love having this fort and hammock built into their room! Many adventures to be had there!

Willow Hut - We love the garden forts, because spending time outside is greatly important!

We hope you and your children enjoy these 30+ Kids Forts and Playhouses. There are bound to be plenty of memories and fun times ahead!

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Devin Berglund is an enthusiast for all things writing. On her free time she enjoys FaceTiming with her fiancé (who currently lives in Australia), traveling, and writing novels.

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