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30+ Kids Forts and Playhouses

by Devin Berglund

We've compiled a list of 30+ kids forts and playhouses. Forts and playhouses are an awesome way to build creativity and imagination in your children. They are magical little buildings that can be made out of anything and can transport your kids anywhere. Make your child feel like they have their own nook in this world with these kids forts and playhouses.


City Fort - This is a perfect city fort for superheros and villains. Your kids will also enjoy driving their toy cars through it as well!

Milk Jug Igloo - What an imaginative fort!? This will make your children feel like they are exploring Alaska!

Playhouse Under the Stairs - We love this! This is definitely not a Harry Potter closet under the stairs, but is a great way to use the space under the stairway!

Western Saloon Fort - A wooden fort, like this, will make your kid feel like they are straight out of a western movie. Remember to get your kid a white hat and some cowboy boots. They're going to need it!!

No-Sew Tent - This tent is so easy to make. It would be a perfect play tent for indoor use or even a great reading spot.

Hoola Hoop Hideout - What a cool way to create shade and simple fun on a summery day. Host a small picnic for your kids and hang these from a tree branch.

Build a Tree-house - Want some tips for building a tree-house for your kids? This site has helpful tricks to make your own fun hideaway for your kids!

Reading Nook Play Teepee -  You and your kids will love this delicate and easy to make teepee.

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Cardboard Play Dome - This is an original little cardboard fort that will provide sanctuary for hours of play.

RV Playhouse - Can you believe this is just made out of cardboard? It's definitely a cute little RV cardboard playhouse.

Indoor Tents - These are perfect for birthday parties, movie nights, and even stormy nights. Get a bunch of blankets and make a nest. Sit your kids down and read some stories to them.

Old West Cardboard Town - Get your little cowboys and cowgirls ready for a western day of fun with this cardboard fort.

Castle - Every princess needs her castle. Let your little ones help you decorate this palace with markers and Washi tape.

Telephone Box - This British telephone box will make an awesome prop at a birthday party or even a great play fort for any superhero.

Giant Cardboard Rocket - Help your kids design this rocket. They are bound to go many great imaginary places with it.

Cool Cardboard House - The colored tape makes this little fort look amazing. Let your children help decorate their fort. It'll make it feel more like home!


Cardboard House - Your children could use this as a cardboard house or even a popcorn stand! You could even make a puppet theater with it.

Collapsible Cardboard House - This is an easy fort to store away for later. Just collapse it and put it away!

Play House - We love this! This cardboard house is easily set up. The great thing is that you can take it down just as easy as setting it up!

Gingerbread House - This fort will make a great project this winter. You could also make the Hansel and Gretel house of candy!

Grocery Store - Your kids will be able to pretend that they are selling things with this awesome grocer playset. This would also work for a side lemonade stand. Just make sure you have a sturdy table for the lemonade.

Canopy Hideaway - Hang this canopy above your girl's bed. She will feel like a princess!

PCV Pipe Tent - Here is a walk through guide on making a tent with PCV pipe. This is really brilliant! It'll be easy to set up and take down. Super plus!

Under The Table Fort - Never underestimate the power of a great table! The table is an awesome way to make a fort in under a few minutes.

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