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31 Days of Play in August

by Rebecca Eanes

For many, August means back to school. That doesn’t mean there isn’t time to play every day! Play is not only vitally important to our children’s health (and ours!), but play builds lasting bonds between parent and child. Carve a little time out in your day for some fun summer activities with the kids! Here are 31 play ideas and activities to help you make the most of the last full month of summer!

1. Set up an outdoor obstacle course. Simple Kids has lots of fun ideas here.

2. Pick a bouquet of fresh wild flowers and display them in a vase or press them using this tutorial from Red Ted Art.

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3. Buy a cheap kiddie pool with a slide and lather up the slide with sensitive skin shaving cream for an extra messy, slippery sensory experience.

4. Splash, pour, drip, and mix in a water table. Don’t have one? Just use a large plastic bin!

5. Create a special bath time for your little one. Here are 8 creative ideas for bath fun.

6. Catch, observe, and release frogs for a fun summer activity that keeps you in touch with nature! Here’s how from WikiHow.

7. Play an old favorite: Duck, Duck, Goose!

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8. Try your hand at badminton.

9. Take off your shoes and wade in a creek.

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