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45 Coffee Filter Crafts for Kids

by Devin Berglund

Brighten up your house with these 45 colorful coffee filter crafts. Kids love to make them because they are fun, easy and all you need are your favorite art supplies and a few coffee filters. Below you'll find something for everyone to enjoy. So, let's get started.



These coffee filter crafts are colorful and great for a summery day. These will brighten up any room if you place them by a window. Who says you can't have stained glass windows for cheap?

1. Chinese Fan - Your kids will love creating this Chinese fan. Perfect for play and decoration.

2. Coffee Filter Dolphin Craft - This dolphin craft is lovely.

3. Water Color Snowflake Art - We absolutely love these adorable snowflakes!

4. Bleach Dot to Dot Marker Paintings - This is a unique take and what child doesn't like drawing dot to dots?

5. Coffee Filter Fish - Fish are perfect for an under the sea birthday party.

6. Jellyfish - You could hang these up from the ceiling. Super fab!

7. A Sun-catcher - I love sun-catchers. Especially, when the colors and designs are mesmerizing.

8. Circus Tent - Who doesn't love the circus? This is awesome.

9. Rainbow Spin Art - This is really fun to do but you'll need to help your kids make one.

10. Whole World in His Hands - This stained glass decoration is amazing. So pretty.

11. Watercolor Coffee Filter Banners - I love this. I am sure you will too.

12. Heart Shaped Sun-catchers - Great for Valentine's Day!

13. Coffee Filter Monsters - I love Monster's Inc. Help your kids make their own monsters. This would be a great birthday activity.



Do you have a garden? Help your kids create a coffee filter garden of their own and the critters one can find in a flower garden.

1. Vibrant Bouqet of Flowers - These are gorgeous! They'd look beautiful in vases throughout the house.

2. Coffee Filter Flower Garden - This one is perfect fun for those hot days. Get your squirt guns out.

3. Butterflies or bugs - Will make your colorful garden complete.

4. Peony Flowers - Help your kids create a garden of different coffee filter flowers.

5.  Sunflowers - These are just darling!

6. Peacock - This is a fun and easy craft.

7. Button Centered Flower - Cute as a button describes this flower.

8. Coffee Filter Roses - You'd never know these were made with coffee filters. They are super sweet!

9. Snails - These are cute snails.


Looking for awesome Season & Holiday crafts year round? Don't look any further. We've covered the seasons here.

1. Summer

Poppies - Poppies are great for Memorial Day! These are pretty.

Patriotic colored bunting - Just in time for the 4th of July. These are gorgeous!

Firework pom poms - Bright and lively just as their name says.

Water-Color Coffee Filter Flags - Gorgeous! Our flag is beautiful. Help your kids with these and then decorate the house with them!

2. Spring

Umbrella Craft - This would be a perfect craft for a rainy day!

Dove Garland - The doves are perfect for Easter or even a baby's baptism. 

Easter Eggs - Help your kids decorate these coffee filter eggs for Easter!

Easter wreath - Beautiful way to decorate for Easter.

Four Leaf Clover - A lucky craft fit for St. Patrick's Day!



3. Fall

Turkeys - Remember the hand-print turkey? This is just as cool!

Pumpkins - These are darling Pumpkins. Help your kids with these as they are a bit harder to make.

Apples - Apples are huge in the autumn. Apple pie? Yum. Decorate the house with apples.

Amazing Tree with Coffee Filter Leaves - This is a beautiful tree made with a real branch. Just add leaves made from coffee filters.

Easier Tree for Smaller Children - This tree is easier for your younger ones. And it's still cute!

Bats - These bats are bound to set the Halloween mood in any setting.

Spiderwebs - These are cute and simple.


4. Winter

Angels - These angels will be perfect for your younger ones.

Pine Forest - Your kid will be able to make these easily.

Coffee Filter (or Tissue) Snowflakes - These will amaze your children. They might be a bit difficult for your small children, so help them throughout.

Snowman Tutorial - Do you want to build a snowman... with coffee filters? It'll be fun!

Coffee Filter Trees - These trees are beautiful set up on the tables. Help your kids with these.

Coffee filter crafts are fun for kids and adults alike. You can use them to decorate the house for a party, or seasonally. Enjoy these crafts year round!

Devin Berglund is an enthusiast for all things writing. On her free time she enjoys FaceTiming with her fiancé (who currently lives in Australia), traveling, and writing novels.

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