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53 Party Ideas for Kids

by Devin Berglund

When looking for Party Ideas for Kids you want the best decorations and treats to be served. Planning a party can be a lot of work, but look no further, as you will love these themed party ideas. We've put together a list of the best princess, Harry Potter, pirate, and rocket ship themes that your kids will love. Be sure to use some of these great party ideas for your kid's next birthday.


Every princess needs a castle and beautiful decor so try these princess themed party ideas. Be sure to get some dresses for your princess and her friends to dress up in, or request that each guest bring her own. Today is your little girl’s special day and she deserves to be pampered!

Pom Poms - Add a few of these pretty pink pom poms to the decoration. It will add a special pop of color to any princesses party!

Princess Chex Mix - Everyone will enjoy this colorful and delicious snack. It also looks pretty on the table.

Balloon Decor - Get the children excited from the moment they walk through the doors. It will be like entering fairyland and your Princess will never forget this birthday!

Pink Cake Pops - This is surely a tasty dessert to add to the menu.

Cardboard Castle Prop - Make a castle for your Princess and her princess friends to play in. All you need is some cardboard boxes and markers.

Pink Lemonade - Delicious pink lemonade that will quench everyone's thirst.


Crown Sandwiches - This is a sandwich fit for a princess.

Heart Fruit Sticks - Make and serve this pretty fruit snack to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Carriage Dip - We love this bread carriage bowl and the delicious dip. It's beautiful.

Heart Marshmallow Cupcakes - These look delicious. Add a cute marshmallow heart to make it even more enticing.

Cone Crowns - This sweet snack will have all of the kids yearning for dessert. All you need now is some ice-cream.

Crown Gift Bags - Need some cute gift bag ideas? It's almost like a princess party in a box. Also be sure to check out these cute Princess birthday boxes.


Everyone loves Harry Potter and the magnificent world he comes from. We just love this party idea. Try these Harry Potter themed party ideas to inspire and build every witch and wizard's imagination.

Owl Glasses - We love these adorable owl glasses. They are easy to make and perfect for photo props.

Homemade Butterbeer - Brew up some butterbeer for your kid's birthday. Surprise the kids with this sweet treat and they are going to believe they are really in Hogsmeade.

Hogwarts Letters - Have your kids been waiting patiently for their Hogwarts letters? Use this awesome trick to decorate your house. Your kids will get their Hogwarts letter for sure this year.

Witch Hat Cookies - These are perfect treats for any witch or wizard. Don't forget to set out these delightful witch hat cookies. The kids will love them!

Cake Pop Golden Snitch - Can you catch the golden snitch? Your kids will be able to catch these ones. Yum.

Magical Color Changing Drinks - Kids won't believe what they are seeing with these magical drinks that change colors.



Witch Broom Snacks - These are almost too adorable to eat. What a neat idea for a cute and healthy snack for your child's Harry Potter birthday party.

Owl Balloon - It isn't a party if Hedwig isn't present. Attach a Hogwarts letter to a string and Hedwig will deliver your child's Hogwarts letter.

Harry Potter Wands - These are gorgeous and look so realistic. By making one for each of the kids at the party, it will make them feel special and powerful.

Harry Potter Floating Candles - We absolutely love these! Imagine your child walking into their room filled with these floating candles. That would be a magical moment for sure. These are a MUST!!!

Have You Seen This Wizard Picture Photo Booth - Remember to capture special moments and pictures throughout your child's birthday. A great way of doing that is to set up a photo booth at the party. This one is great!


AHOY! This pirate theme party will make every child feel like they are on an adventure at sea. Don't forget to bring the treasure map. The kids will love this party!

Pirate Punch - Shiver me timbers, this punch is wonderful and perfect for hot days at sea.

Bubble Gum Skull Gifts - Party favors can be hard to figure out. This is a wonderful idea for the perfect pirate party.

Hotdog Ships - Hotdogs are easy and why not dress it up to make it look like a ship. It'll add some flavor to the food table.

Fruit Ship - Getting kids to eat healthy can be a struggle, but why not carve out a watermelon and cut up a bunch of fruit. This makes a great treat and decoration for the table. This watermelon shark is quite cool too.

Dig for Treasure Sandbox - Treasure hunting is all the rage for pirates these days. Hide away trinkets and small treasures for them to find. Remember X marks the spot!!!

Pirate Cake - A birthday party isn't a party without a birthday cake. This birthday cake will make your child feel like an adventure seeking pirate.


Pirate Table Toppers - Have any left over toilet paper rolls? This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of those, plus it's a cute decoration for the party tables.

Happy Birthday Banner Wall Decor - We absolutely love this birthday banner. It'll definitely add a spark to the party.

Mapped Cupcakes - These are beautiful and easy to make. Your kids will definitely enjoy them. And, what if you used them to give hints to find a birthday treasure hunt.

Pirate Marshmallow Treats - Marshmallow treats are always a lot of fun. These pirates have adorable faces and will brighten up the treat table.

Pirate Gift Set Boxes - Give each child a treat box filled with goodies and party favors. Every pirate needs their loot!!



Orange Jello Ships - Don't forget to add this colorful dessert to the birthday bash menu.

Pirate Map - Set up a treasure hunt and use this antique looking map. Perfect for adventure seeking pirates.

Brownie Ships - Brownies are delicious, but these pirate flags really add to the pirate adventure feel.

Pirate Hook - Captain Hook would have been jealous of this hook. The kids will love these, because they are super fun, easy to make, and could also double as a party favor.


You've come to the right place for rocket ship themed party ideas. Your child's year is off to a great start with a party like this. Just remember, watch out for aliens!

Rocket Cake - Need an idea for a cake? Use this one. It's a brightly colored rocket cake that will fascinate your child.

Space Cupcakes - We really love these. How adorable is the sun and the moon?

Celestial Rocket Cookies - With each bite your child will be rocketing to the moon with excitement.

Rocket Ship Sandwich - This sandwich is colorful, cute, and healthy. It's a definite must for any rocket ship party.

Rocket Candy Machine - Don't forget candy. It's an important food item for any trip to space.

Rocket Bubble Gum Machine Party Favors - These are just adorable and work perfectly for party favors.

Spacecraft Cake - Besides being awesome this cake looks like a real spaceship that is ready for launch. We definitely love this!


Rocket Cookies - These are super cute and yummy.

Alien Rocket - There are many crafts and projects that will help you get rid of all those used toilet paper rolls. If you want to plan a Rocket Ship birthday party then be sure to save up your toilet paper rolls for this super cute craft.

Cheese and Cracker Rocket Snack - Another delicious treat that is healthy and cute. The kids will love this one.

Rockmelon and Strawberry Rockets - Yum! The children are going to absolutely love these.

Rocket Play House - This will turn the imagination switch on allowing children to dream their way to space. This is the perfect way to add more fun to the atmosphere.

Design a Rocket Party - Here are a few great ideas on getting snacks and colors to coordinate for a smashing rocket ship party.

Alien Theme Party Ideas - These cute alien themed ideas will brighten your child's birthday and make it super special.

Surprise Rocket - Surprise the kids with these cute candy filled rockets.

Your kids are bound to have brilliant birthdays with these amazing themed party ideas. We absolutely love party ideas for kids, and we hope they love them as much as we do.

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Devin Berglund is an enthusiast for all things writing. On her free time she enjoys FaceTiming with her fiancé (who currently lives in Australia), traveling, and writing novels.

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