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7 Valentine Traditions to Start with Your Kids

by Sarah Lyons

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a time for couples to express their love for one another, but it is also a great chance to show your children how much you love them too. While children typically exchange cards and small gifts on Valentine's Day, this year try starting some fun new traditions for your family.

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Dessert first

Just once a year it can’t hurt to have your sweets before your meal. Offer cake or ice cream first and let the kids enjoy their dessert without having to eat their veggies first.

Make it heart-shaped

After your dessert first dinner, serve up some fun Valentine’s Day themed meals. Heart-shaped pancakes or heart-shaped pizza are both fun and easy. Get the kids involved in the kitchen and you will have more time to make special memories of your Valentine’s Day dinner.

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Go on a “date”

Many people go on a date with their significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day but consider taking your child on a “date” to a place of their choice. If you have more than one child, each parent can pair off or take turns so all kids get to participate. Spending quality time together is a great way to show your kids you care and get the conversation flowing.

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