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8 Simple Activities to Teach Children about Emotions

by Rebecca Eanes


  1. Play Emotions Charades. Name different scenarios, such as “getting ready to ride a big roller coaster” or “not getting invited to the birthday party” and ask your child to act it out. Here is a printable from The Joys of Boys, or just make up your own.

  2. Read a book together about emotions. Babble has put together this great list of 15 books, which includes Llama Llama Mad at Mama and Glad Monster, Sad Monster.

  3. Make a create-a-face activity by drawing and cutting out various eyes, eyebrows, noses, and mouths so that your child can create many different emotional expressions. Ask them to make the face that shows how they are currently feeling, or ask them to create the way they would feel if….and put in a scenario.

  4. Create a Wheel of Coping Skills with 2 paper plates like is found here at Art of Social Work. Ask your child to spin the wheel when they are stuck in a tough emotion.

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Rebecca Eanes, is the founder of and creator of Positive Parenting: Toddlers and Beyond. She is the bestselling author of 3 books. Her newest book,Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide, is more than a parenting book, it's a guide to human connection. She has also written The Newbie's Guide to Positive Parentingand co-authored the book, Positive Parenting in Action: The How-To Guide to Putting Positive Parenting Principles in Action in Early ChildhoodShe is the grateful mother to 2 boys.


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